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I started Clifton Orthodontics in Victoria Square, Clifton in 1995 having moved back from New Zealand, (everyone says I must have been mad), and moved it to its present location in Berkeley Square in 2009 for larger premises with better parking. At that time most comments were \\\\\'the building is great but the parking is fantastic\\\\\'. Modern priorities! At that stage there were 2 staff, we seem to have grown since then to 8, but that is a sign of the success. Is it all about me? Of course not. Nothing would happen without the rest of the team. Diane and Debbie have been with me from the beginning, 17 years ago, and we have watched our respective families grow and spread their wings. My girls are now 16 and 18. Not much younger than some of my staff- that does make me feel old! I am lucky that I am surrounded by a very effective bunch, whom all get on and this is reflected in the atmosphere in the practice where everyone is mutually supportive and respectful.

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  • Orthodontics

26 Berkeley Square

Tel - 01202 677277
Fax -

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The total number of dentists practicing at this firm is 2

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This practice does not offer NHS dental treatment

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